Pacific Coast Learning Center operates as an independent coordination site for educational vendors. We are a private business and not a public or private school. All vendors operate their businesses independently from one another, but they work together to provide a convenient and comprehensive campus for our community.

We are not conducting tours at this time. Please visit our Instagram page (@pacificcoastlearningcenter) for a peek inside our program and watch the webinars on our website. Homeschool Planning

Additionally, don't miss the Virtual Tour videos at the bottom of our main page

  • On Wednesday, students in grades K-2 must be dropped off and picked up by a parent for each class a student takes, and a parent for every elementary student must remain on campus during lunch period (12:30-1:15). We do not have the staff to supervise children during the lunch break. Parents must ensure their children are being supervised during this time.
  • On Wednesday, middle and high school students must be supervised by an adult if on campus.
  • If a parent is unable to stay on campus on Wednesdays, Handy Helpers is an available option for tutoring and supervision. Please contact the office for more information.
  • Middle school and high school students may remain on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays without a parent but must be in class, in study hall, or be picked up by a parent when his/her classes are over.

PCLC opened Village Coffee downstairs for parents and families. Join us on Wednesdays from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm for coffee, tea and breakfast. Relax, connect with fellow homeschool families, work, teach lessons, study - come sit with us! We have wifi. 

In the afternoons, parents and siblings are welcome to use the picnic tables in the lunch area outside or sit in our courtyard.

Student Fees at Pacific Coast Learning Center (2024-2025 School Year)

   Elementary Students (Kinder-5th grade) = $300 per year

   Middle School Students (6th-8th grade) = $550 per year

   High School Students (9th-12th grade) = $700 per year

Student Fees are collected annually from each student that attends our campus whether online or in-person. These fees are what make it possible for us to provide such an outstanding program for our students. Student Fees are non-refundable.

Student Fees are broken into two categories:

Materials & Technology Fees
Consumables (paper, ink, art supplies, etc...)
Google Classroom platform
Zoom subscriptions
Computer equipment
Registration system

Educational Campus Fees
Study Hall (supervision, supplies, & tutoring)
PE & playground equipment
Parent resources
Student resources
Office supplies
Security system

Without our Student Fees, we simply could not provide a campus for our community!

Many charters will pay for student fees. Please check with your charter to learn their policy.

Absolutely! Our vendors welcome students from all variations of homeschooling.

You can work out payment arrangements with each teacher directly by contacting them on the vendor's individual website. Class tuition payment details are included in each "Welcome" email sent at the time of registration.

Each of our vendors are approved with most of the local charter schools (Excel, Sage Oak, iLead, Sky Mountain, Blue Ridge, Cabrillo Point, Granite Mountain, Pacific Coast, Compass, Epic, National). We recommend you verify approval with the vendor and your charter school before you register.

Unfortunately, no. Students must be of Kindergarten age to take classes on our campus. A child is considered Kindergarten age if he/she is 5 years old on or before September 1 of the current academic year.

PCLC is a closed campus. All students must remain on campus during their lunch break, unless they are accompanied by a parent and driven off campus.

Yes. In order to be an approved vendor, a teacher must get a Department of Justice background check.

All teachers, staff, classroom assistants, and substitutes have Department of Justice clearance.

We do welcome students with special needs, but please understand we are not able to offer accommodations in our classes. Our teachers are willing to work with homeschooling parents who want to modify things at home, but our staff is not trained in special education. All students who take our once-a-week classes are expected to be able to participate in classroom lectures, discussions, and activities with their classmates. You should also know that most of our high school classes have between 30 - 50 students in each class, and our elementary classes have between 15-32 students in each class. Our teachers are wonderful and give as much individual attention as possible to each student, but it is not a small classroom setting. For more information, please visit our Parent & Student Handbook.

New students must complete an admissions application and receive approval prior to enrollment in classes.

For current students, email for assistance.

Please contact our registrar, Christine Murray, via email or phone (texting works too!).

(714) 766-3165   .

Thank you for your continued interest in our program! We have received hundreds of new family applications and have very few openings for the upcoming school year. The application committee meets regularly throughout the late-spring and summer months and approves a handful of applications at a time so that we can keep an eye on our numbers as we approach capacity. 

Please keep an eye on your emails! If your application is approved, you will be contacted via email with a link to register and will have one week to enroll before your spot will be offered to another family. Likewise, if your application is declined, you will also receive an email encouraging you to reapply next year.

We appreciate your patience!

We have snack and light lunch options available for purchase in the snack bar, located in the front office. The snack bar is open between class periods and the first 15 minutes of lunch break.

PCLC is a closed campus, and students are expected to remain on campus during the entirety of their scheduled class days, including during lunch.

Our campus doors are programmed with a fob system, and every family is issued their own key fob to allow access to the building during instruction hours. Campus doors remain locked throughout the day, and only students and parents with key fobs are able to gain access into the building. Key fobs are only functional during class hours, and they are deactivated when a family withdraws from our program. (Each family is required to purchase at least one fob for $25. All middle and  high schoolers must have their own fob. Fobs can be re-used each year. The replacement cost for a lost fob is $25).

PCLC also employs a security guard during campus hours to monitor our facility and parking lot and maintain safety expectations. All PCLC staff have radios to be able to reach campus security at any time.

Any adults must wear a PCLC-issued lanyard at all times while on our campus. Parents are encouraged to question any adult on our campus not wearing a PCLC lanyard.

All members of the PCLC staff are CPR certified.

We prefer that students are picked up in the PCLC parking lot, since we do not have security or safety personnel monitoring the front of the building. We assume no liability for your student once they leave the campus (the sidewalk in the front is not part of our campus). While we do not recommend that your child walks off campus to meet you due to safety reasons, your student is allowed to do so should you want them to.

Traffic flow for Tuesday & Thursday
8:30-9:30 a.m. & 2:30-3:15 p.m.

If you have specific questions regarding the learning center,
please call or email us at:

(714) 766-4870